The Quick Board

Improve Speed and Strength

The Quick Board provides an accurate measurement of quickness and agility. After all, that first step is crucial in whatever athletic endeavor in which you participate. This technology can provide real data to help us understand what cannot be measured by the naked eye. Andrew Brown - DPT, MSPT, CIDN can use The Quick Board during your rehabilitation to help increase functionality and measure your individual progress. Call today to schedule your initial appointment to discuss your issues.
Adam Shelatz - PTA

Quickness Training the Pros Use

The Quick Board can be used in initial testing. This helps us discover and set a baseline, allowing us to map out progress during training and/or injury recovery.

The Quick Board can be used in training to enhance and develop quickness and agility, providing real-time data to manage athletic performance and compare to the performance of others.

The Quick Board can be used during rehabilitation to facilitate the restoration of speed and agility, helping rehabbing athletes set goals and motivate themselves while working to get back on the field.
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