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“I came in for ML6 laser after having multiple surgeries on both my knees. I had been able to go do the essentials when I needed, but the pain was terrible. Dr. Brown and the techs at the Laser Pain Clinic in Jefferson Rehabilitation and Wellness started me with laser treatments that take less than a half an hour and Integrated Dry Needling to get my nerves working right again. I am half way through my treatments and I could go on several walks with my family over the holiday weekend. I had no pain! It was amazing! Thank you all so much for this great gift!” 
"I feel great and my pain is down to a 2! I have a much greater range of motion. Everything is better! I don't have any pain in my toes after years of dealing with it from my diabetes! Thank you all so much for this gift!"

Dry Needling & Redcord

MLS Laser Therapy

Integrated Dry Needling

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