Multi Radiance

Laser Therapy
For the Greater Painesville & Mentor, OH Areas

Using the safest classification of lasers – with an efficacy validated in vitro, in vivo, in controlled laboratory experiments, and in clinical practice – Multi Radiance’s pulsed laser technology is statistically and clinically significant and raises the bar in the industry from evidence-based research to translational research.

Andrew Brown - DPT, MSPT, CIDN uses Multi Radiance laser technology with a high degree of success for a variety of issues. Call to schedule an appointment to discuss your treatment.

The laser will actually help if you are diabetic or if you incur MRSA from having knee surgery, elbow surgery, hip surgery, etc!

Achieve the Best Possible Physical Therapy Outcome

Multi Radiance is currently involved with more than 30 worldwide clinical studies to help with investigation, validation, and education of our practitioners with superior knowledge and clinical skills. Andrew Brown - DPT, MSPT, CIDN is dedicated to laser therapy with the highest standards of quality in the industry. He works closely with every client to ensure they get the specific personal care they need. Call to schedule your initial appointment to discuss your physical therapy issues today. We proudly provide services to patients throughout the greater Madison, Painesville and Mentor, OH areas.
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