Integrated Dry Needling

Needling in Physical Therapy for 
Ashtabula, Geneva, Conneaut, Mentor, Madison, & Painesville, OH

Through dry needling in physical therapy, we will advance a filament needle multiple times into the ‘trigger point’ region of the muscle. By doing this, we can achieve a local twitch muscle response to relieve tension and pain in the muscle. This effective treatment offers relief for chronic, neuropathic pain with only a few side effects.

If you have a neuromuscular dysfunction that causes you pain and hampers your mobility and functionality, this technique offers unmatched results using a very thin needle that most subjects won’t feel, especially when the muscle is healthy. If you have a sensitive or shortened muscle, you will feel a ‘twitch response’ or muscle cramp that will activate a trigger point.

There are those who will feel a reproduction of “their” pain, which the practitioner can use as an indicator in diagnosing the cause of your pain or other symptoms. After a short time, the patient may welcome this sensation, as it may result in the deactivation of the trigger point, alleviating the pain and restoring the functionality to the muscle. 

Andrew Brown - DPT, MSPT, CIDN is certified in needling and will work closely with you to ensure you get the proper care for your diagnoses. Call to schedule a physical therapy appointment today! We proudly serve Ashtabula, OH; Geneva, OH; Conneaut, OH; Mentor, OH; Madison, OH; and Painesville, OH.

About Integrated Dry Needling Physical Therapy:

Does the treatment hurt?

Most patients will not feel the needle’s insertion, though you may feel the “twitch response” that can cause a tingling, aching, or cramping sensation.

What does Dry Needling treat?

Dry needling has shown to help with a variety of musculoskeletal problems, including, but not limited to:

• Acute/Chronic Injuries • Headaches • Neck/Back Pain • Tendinitis • Muscle Spasms • Sciatica • Hip/Knee Pain
• Muscle Strains • Fibromyalgia • Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow • PFPS • Overuse Injuries

Will dry needling result in any side effects?

Side effects may vary among individuals. Typically, only mild muscle soreness or skin bruising occurs.
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