Gait Analysis

Foot Pain Treatment

Andrew Brown - DPT, MSPT, CIDN specializes in gait analysis to provide you with the proper customized footwear to allow you to ambulate without pain. We are staying on the cusp of technology with 3D assessment that will allow us to fabricate the custom orthotic that will support your feet properly and help alleviate the pain you feel while walking. This means you will complete the entire orthotic process under one roof. Call to schedule your initial appointment to discuss your gait issues.

Don’t use mass-produced orthotics

Once we have properly assessed your gait and feet, we can accurately diagram your foot. This allows us to provide you with quality custom footwear for premium comfort and pain alleviation. We sell quality shoes from the best manufacturers in the industry, so your custom footwear will look as good as it feels. This means you no longer have to bounce from location to location to get the footwear you need. Call to schedule an appointment today!
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